Olivia is 10 years old and in year 6 at Hemblington Primary School in Norfolk.

Following a visual impairment diagnosis, the VSSS team at Norfolk County Council provided Olivia with a laptop loaded with SuperNova. Olivia uses the laptop both in lessons and at home. She’s been receiving touch typing lessons and has regular support in the school environment.

Before using SuperNova, Olivia was getting headaches from squinting to see her work, and back pains from bad posture due to leaning forward. Since using SuperNova, she doesn't have those problems any more.

Better still, Olivia now considers ICT to be her favourite subject, and would like to be a computer expert when she’s older.

Listen to how Olivia uses SuperNova features in the classroom in this short video.



If you have a child or student who would benefit from using SuperNova in their studies, give our friendly team a call on 01905 754577 and they'll be happy to help or send us a message.

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