World Book Day 2016 logoToday children across the UK and Ireland are celebrating World Book Day.

Here at Dolphin we understand the importance of making reading accessible and fun. Reading is not just for learning and education. It's for enjoyment, escapism and entertainment.

We partner with more than 15 accessible book libraries from around the world; enabling a quick and easy search, download and read experience directly through our software. There's no need to navigate individual library websites, so the reader can choose as many books as they like and enjoy them using their preferred combination of magnification, speech, highlight and voice.

Find out more about the reading experience by choosing a product below:

Read with Guide - simplified menu based access for people with sight loss

Guide logo

Read with SuperNova - choose from 3 editions depending on your level of sight

SuperNova logo

Read with ScreenReader - for people who are blind

ScreenReader logo

Read with EasyReader - for students with dyslexia or a visual impairment

EasyReader logo

Want to know more?

Call our friendly team on 01905 754577 or send us a message and we'll be happy to help


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