MTM Taltidningar

MTM Taltidningar

MTM convert and distribute literature and talking newspapers in accessible formats for people with disabilities.

Talking Newspapers have the same editorial content as their paper originals and are available the same day that the print editions are published. As well as reading news articles aloud using a human sounding voice, people with disabilities can use talking newspapers to scroll between newspaper sections, between pages and articles.

Users can subscribe to more than 100 of Sweden’s daily talking newspapers. A full list of newspapers available on the MTM website.

Who can Subscribe?

Anyone with a disability that means that he or she needs adjustments in order to read a published work has the right to subscribe to talking newspapers. Examples of disabilities include:

  • Visual impairment
  • Mobility
  • Reading and writing difficulties
  • Hearing loss (for auditory training)
  • Temporarily reading disability
  • Cognitive impairments (such as traumatic brain injury, aphasia, autism, ADHD / ADD, dementia, whiplash injuries and mental disabilities)


Available in: Sweden