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SuperNova 20.02 includes a newly designed Doc Reader, improvements for using Connect and View and a host of additional fixes and improvements.

NEW: Doc Reader

Read text from documents, emails and web pages in comfort with the newly designed Doc Reader. The new Doc Reader is now consistent with the readers used in the Connect and View and Scan and Read features. With the Doc Reader, you can:

  • Open text from any document, email or web page using a single key press – your text will open from the current cursor position.
  • Increase or decrease the text size and apply a colour scheme
  • Choose how the text should be displayed – either wrap the text across multiple lines or display on a single line across the Reader.
  • Read the text on the screen, or use the ‘Play’ button to head the text read aloud.

Image of a SuperNova DocReader being used on a laptop to read information about Machu Picchu

NEW: Improvements for Connect and View

Viewing text from a document camera or Interactive Whiteboard is more intuitive with the latest improvements to Connect and View. SuperNova 20.02 includes options to:

  • Choose a specific mouse pointer to use in Connect and View.
  • Move the mouse pointer freely between the viewer and another application, such as a document. This option makes it easier than ever to make notes at the same time as reading text from the camera or whiteboard.

Find out more about Connect and View by watching our short videos:

Additional technical fixes and improvements

  • NEW: Braille. The Dutch Computer Code Braille table has been updated.
  • FIX: Control Panel. The option to turn the status bar ON or OFF on the control panel now applies immediately and does not require SuperNova to be restarted.
  • FIX: Control Panel. You can now explore all of the options in the Start-up Preferences dialog using the keyboard.
  • FIX: EasyReader. If EasyReader is already running, selecting ‘My Books’ or ‘My Newspapers’ from the SuperNova Media tab automatically switches the focus back to EasyReader.
  • FIX: EasyReader. Japanese text now display correctly in EasyReader whilst SuperNova is running.
  • FIX: End User Licence Agreement. The SuperNova EULA now includes information about Dolphin EasyReader.
  • FIX: Hotkey Helper. The Hotkey Helper is now available from the main Help menu in the SuperNova control panel (as well as the CAPS + F1 help menu). 
  • FIX: Magnification. Text which has been rotated vertically in Microsoft Office applications is now displayed correctly when magnified.
  • FIX: Magnification. The screen no longer freezes when magnification is turned OFF whilst Overview mode is enabled.
  • FIX: Mouse Pointers. Changes have been made to the default mouse pointer settings. SuperNova’s high contrast mouse pointers are now enabled by default, and the size of the mouse pointer is now set to 3 times.
  • FIX: Mouse Pointers. The large red and yellow mouse pointer schemes are now displayed correctly.
  • FIX: Mouse Pointers. The option to ‘Use custom pointer in magnified areas only’ now works as expected.
  • FIX: Media. Radio stations and Podcasts are now played using the user’s default web browser (instead of Internet Explorer).
  • FIX: Microsoft Office 2016 and later. SuperNova’s speech now only announces important information when the focus is on the Status bar in Microsoft Office applications.
  • NEW: Microsoft Edge / Chrome / Firefox. The Read selection shortcut key (LEFT SHIFT + NUMPAD 1) now announces any text which has been selected on a web page.
  • FIX: Microsoft Edge / Chrome. The Dolphin Cursor is now able to read the contents of emails on the Gmail website.
  • FIX: Microsoft Edge / Chrome / Firefox. The option to find text on a web page using F3 now correctly finds search terms which contain double characters.
  • FIX: Microsoft Edge / Chrome / Firefox. Links are now announced correctly when navigating web pages with the Dolphin Cursor set to OFF.
  • FIX: Microsoft Edge / Chrome / Firefox. The ‘Read selection’ shortcut key (NUMPAD 1) now announces selected text as expected when the Dolphin Cursor set to OFF.
  • FIX: Microsoft Edge / Chrome. Pressing the semi-colon key (the quick navigation key to move to the next ‘landmark’ on a web page) now moves through all landmarks on the page.
  • FIX: Microsoft Edge. SuperNova now announces the contents of dropdown list after they have been opened.
  • FIX: Microsoft Edge. SuperNova’s speech now announces the ‘Favourites’ and ‘History’ menus in Microsoft Edge as expected.
  • FIX: Microsoft Edge. When navigating to the autocomplete suggestions in the address bar, SuperNova remains in Forms Mode so users can continue typing.
  • FIX: Microsoft Edge. SuperNova now correctly announces the settings in the Edge web browser.
  • FIX: Microsoft Office Spell Checker. SuperNova now announces the misspelled word before announcing spelling suggestions.
  • FIX: Microsoft Outlook Spell Checker. SuperNova now announces spelling suggestions as a list box.
  • FIX: Microsoft Outlook 2016 and later. SuperNova now announces the dates correctly when exploring the calendar in month view.
  • FIX: Microsoft Outlook 2016 and later. When setting up a new calendar appointment, the edit fields to add ‘required’ and ‘optional’ attendees are now announced as expected.
  • FIX: Microsoft Outlook 2016 and later. SuperNova now detects and announces each date in the mini calendar in Microsoft Outlook.
  • FIX: Microsoft Outlook 2016 and later. When creating or editing a calendar appointment, SuperNova now detects and announces the meeting start and end date controls as expected.
  • NEW: Microsoft Store. Initial support for Microsoft Store. SuperNova now announces the options as the user explores the Microsoft Store using the keyboard.
  • FIX: Microsoft Teams. SuperNova now correctly tracks the focus in the 'Make a call' suggestions list.
  • FIX: Microsoft Teams. SuperNova now automatically announces chat notifications as they are received.
  • FIX: Microsoft Teams. SuperNova no longer repeats the announcement of checkboxes in the menus within Microsoft Teams.
  • FIX: Microsoft Teams. The option for ‘Read Text Under Mouse’ now correctly reads text in the Activity List in Microsoft Teams.
  • NEW: Microsoft Word. The shortcut key to read additional focus information (LEFT SHIFT + NUMPAD ZERO) now announces the ‘style’ applied to a paragraph of text.
  • FIX: Microsoft Word. The '/' character is now copied correctly when using the Dolphin Cursor to copy a URL from a Word document or Outlook email.
  • FIX: Microsoft Word 2016. The ‘Recent documents’ list is now announced as expected.
  • FIX: Microsoft Word 365. Cells from tables in Microsoft Word are now announced correctly no matter where the cursor is in the cell.
  • FIX: Mozilla Firefox. The Bookmarks sidebar is now announced as expected.
  • NEW: Start-up. A sound is now played whilst SuperNova is loading to indicate activity. The sound can be disabled from Help > Start-up Preferences.
  • FIX: Start-up. If the setting to run SuperNova at start-up is disabled, the instructions for how to manually start SuperNova no longer references the product name.
  • FIX: SuperNova Enterprise. If enabled, the 'Alternative magnification' option is now respected at the Windows logon screen.
  • FIX: SuperNova Notifications. In-product notifications which contain links are now displayed correctly.
  • FIX: SuperNova Notifications. Customers with a 30 day trial of SuperNova are now able to sort the notifications received during their trial by date.
  • FIX: SuperNova Notifications. The notification that an upgrade is available is now announced correctly.
  • FIX: Thunderbird. The ‘Options’ page in Thunderbird is now announced as expected.
  • FIX: Windows File Explorer. The shortcut key to read additional focus information (LEFT SHIFT + NUMPAD ZERO) now announces a description of the items in the File Explorer ribbon.
  • FIX: Windows Settings. Dropdown lists in the Windows 10 Display Settings are now announced as expected.
  • NEW: Windows System Tray. Shortcut key CAPS LOCK + S now announces information from the Windows System Tray, including the date, time, wifi connection and battery level.
  • FIX: Windows System Tray. The Microsoft OneDrive pop up menu in the Windows System tray is now announced as expected.
  • FIX: Zoom. The options in the ‘Breakout rooms’ dialog in Zoom is now announced as expected.

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