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Make braille, large print, DAISY & MP3s - free for developing nations

Dolphin Converter aims to bring accessible information to the 256 million blind and partially sighted people living in developing nations across the globe. It’s about making sure visually impaired people in any of the 150+ countries can read everyday information, in a format that’s accessible to them.

To make that dream possible, there are no restrictions. Make braille for blind students, large print for low vision employees, or audio formats for seniors with sight loss. Share Dolphin Converter on USB thumb drive or burn and distribute CDs – we encourage it all.  We want the power of alternative format information to reach as many people that can benefit across the globe.

If you're in a developing nation, download Dolphin Converter free today.

Dolphin Converter


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  • Free Windows app for download and use in developing countries
  • Create braille, large print, MP3 and DAISY talking books
  • Simple 3 step conversion, no experience required
  • Convert any Word 2003, 2013 and 2017 docs
  • Available in UK English, US English, French and Portuguese language


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The complete range of alternative formats

Make braille, large print, DAISY talking books or MP3 audio - Dolphin Converter has an accessible format that will suit all your readers, no matter what their level of sight or their experience.  Pick one format, or make them all.



"We have just installed it & can barely believe how quick and easy it is! Amazing!"
Mr Iddi, VI Unit, Mvumi DctMSS, Tanzania


"A huge game changer in developing countries where accessible book services are being provided in very low resource environments."
Dipendra Manocha, DAISY Consortium



"The participants of my training program in Botswana needed hardly any help. It seems Dolphin Converter is the first tool I will recommend."
Prashant Ranjan Verma, DAISY Consortium


Upgrade to EasyConverter

Make the switch to EasyConverter software and:

  • Convert HTML, PDFs and other formats or scan paper documents
  • Select from a choice of human sounding voices
  • Adjust braille settings, including margin settings, page numbers and character numbers
  • Optimise large print settings, including line or letter spacing, margins, original page numbers or scale your images
  • Include heading level navigation in your DAISY talking books so your readers can conveniently skip
  • Create multiple MP3 tracks based on headings in your Word document