Accessible Textbooks for Inclusive Reading (06.12.22)

Accessible Textbooks for Inclusive Reading (06.12.22)

30 minutes
Audience: All
Products: All

If you support students in the UK who are blind, partially sighted or have a neurodiverse condition such as dyslexia - we invite you to join this free webinar to learn how accessible textbooks enhance learning.

In this webinar, Rochelle Davis-Pretsell from RNIB Bookshare and Steve Bennett from Dolphin Computer Access demonstrate how your students can find, download and read accessible textbooks on any device.

You will learn about:
- Reading books with EasyReader App
- Accessible books in the RNIB Bookshare Education Collection
- Additional features for schools with EasyReader Premium

This webinar is recommended for all teaching staff and student support teams in UK primary, secondary and higher education, including:
- Teachers
- Lecturers
- Teaching Assistants
- SENCo's
- Disability Support
- Dyslexia Support
- Disability Advisory Service teams