Textbooks that talk! Free app & online library for SEND students of ALL ages (23 Sept)

30 minutes

1. Do any of your students have autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, partial sight or blindness?
2. Are they in UK primary, secondary, further or higher education?
3. Would access to more than half a million talking textbooks broaden their curriculum access?

If you can answer YES to these 3 questions, then register for this free webinar!

Print textbooks can prevent many SEN learners from successfully accessing the curriculum. Imagine if you could offer your disabled learners access to digital copies of their textbooks? And an app that lets them change the books' fonts, sizes, colours? Even better the app could read the book aloud to them? This webinar will show how you can do exactly all that - and it's all FREE to primary, secondary, further and higher education!

RNIB's Stacy Scott and Dolphin’s Steve Bennett will introduce and demonstrate the 2 parts of the reading puzzle. Firstly signing up to RNIB's 'Education Collection' of more than 590,000 textbook in electronic formats - a free service for anyone in UK schools, colleges & universities that are supporting print-disabled learners.

Secondly the free EasyReader app that empowers disabled students to download and read their textbooks in a way that suits their disability and their learning style. Large fonts. Dyslexia friendly font. Different font colours. Switch the background colour. Hear the book read aloud. Listen and read along, following the highlighted word.

This short webinar will answer the following questions:
• Which students can use RNIB Bookshare?
• What textbooks are available?
• Where do I get the free EasyReader app?
• How does EasyReader support my neurodiverse students?
• How does EasyReader support my visually impaired learners?