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GuideConnect Overview for US Lighthouses, Departments of Rehabilitation and Associations for the Blind

60 minutes
Audience: All
Products: All

If you're a professional working in any US organization that provides assistive technology services and trainings to clients with visual impairments, this webinar is for you!

GuideConnect is a self-contained computing environment that talks. GuideConnect circumvents the Windows desktop placing users in a closed environment and then presents a fixed list of common computing tasks to choose from. Accessibility is built-in, invisible, and always there to support the user. GuideConnect helps users with things like:

-Sending and Receiving Email
-Writing Letter and Documents
-Browsing Websites
-Joining in on Social Media
-Streaming the Most Popular TV and Movies Services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc)
-Converting or Magnifying Print Documents
-Reading Books from the world’s most used accessible libraries
-Listening to Podcasts
-Getting Newspapers and Magazines
-Choosing from Thousands of Radio Stations from Around the World
-Learning to Type

Join today to find out about the benefits of becoming a certified GuideConnect center!

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