Forum Guidlines and Rules

Guidance and rules for using the Dolphin forums
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Forum Guidlines and Rules

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Forum Guidelines
1. Make use of the SEARCH facility
There is a likelihood that your question may have been asked before; please either search the knowledge base articles on the Dolphin website, or use the search facility to check through the forum in case anyone has asked your question before.

2. Be clear and descriptive and use relevant topic names
Please post a clear descriptive topic name, giving a brief summary of your problem in the subject.
Here are some examples of what not to post, because they are unclear:
"Help with Guide"
"Urgent query"
"I’ve got a SuperNova question"
Anything similar to this is not acceptable. Please post your query clearly.
An example of a good way to post a query:
"Unable to type in edit areas on web pages when SuperNova is running"
"I cannot send emails in Guide"

3. Be respectful of others at all times
Please behave courteously and respectfully to your fellow members of the forum. Do not belittle, denigrate or insult your fellow users, but keep to the topic at hand. The forum moderators have the right to terminate debates and user accounts if they get out of hand.

Forum Rules

1. Do not break copyright laws
Ensure that you follow copyright laws and don't copy material illegally. Asking or providing information on how to obtain material, software, or any other publication is also forbidden.

2. Post in the right forum
Your query will best be seen if it is posted in the right place. Please do not post the same query multiple times.

3. Spam, Advertising, and Self-promotion not permitted in the forum
Spam is defined as unsolicited and unwanted advertisement for services, products and other web sites, or posts with irrelevant or completely unrelated content. Do not spam the forum with links to your goods or services, websites, or other forums. This also includes usage of the private message facility on the forum. Also do not ask for personal details. We will deactivate your account permanently if you do this, and your posts will be deleted.

4. Do not private message asking for help
If you request help, please ensure that it is in the public forums, so that others may benefit from or help with your post.

6. Do not post any material that may be deemed offensive.
Please employ common sense; we do not permit any material which may be considered defamatory, harassment, or abuse. This includes any posts, images or links. Material that is racist, obscene, or otherwise discriminatory is not permitted on these forums.

7. Do not create more than one account.
There should be no reason for anyone having more than one account. If you have been banned from the forum, do not create a new account. If you carry on making accounts after you have been banned, your IP address may be blocked.

8. Breaking rules
If you break a rule, then you may either be warned or banned. A ban of your user account may either be temporary or permanent, at the discretion of the administrators and moderators. The administrators and moderators may delete, edit, move or close any post or discussion thread as they deem fit without notice. If you see a thread or post which may have violated the rules, please report it to the administrators or moderators. Dolphin staff administer and moderate the forum and also regularly check the forum.
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