Photo of Dave Williams

Dave Williams, Dolphin’s Blindness Product Manager must enjoy the early morning starts as he was up and raring to go whilst most of us were fast asleep (3AM UK time) on Wednesday 9th April.  All in the name of explaining what was new at Dolphin on ACB Radio’s Main Menu show live from the US.  

Dave should be used to these early starts though as in his pre-Dolphin Computer Access days, he held a position with ACB Radio.  So was often up in the middle of the night beaming his radio show live across the internet from the UK.

Among the many points of interest discussed by Dave and the Main Menu team were the incredibly successful launches of Version 3 of EasyConverter and Version 9 of SuperNova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus at the recent CSUN exhibition. 

Also under discussion were the key developments for the internet, that our customers requested be introduced into Version 9 of SuperNova. As well as other interesting insights into the world of Dolphin.


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