Braille readers across the UK are on the edge of their seats, as the debate for adopting Unified English Braille (UEB) hots up.

The Braille Authority of the United Kingdom (BAUK) is conducting a nationwide consultation exercise on Unified English Braille (UEB). UEB is an international project designed to update the current braille codes used in English-speaking countries. The main design goal is to bring ordinary literary braille and specialist braille (such as maths) into a single unified code. Adoption across different countries is also seen as a major benefit.

But rest assured, Dolphin are ready and 'UEB able', should you decide to make the switch. Whether you are making Braille with Dolphin's Altformat creation tool EasyConverter or are enjoying the Braille display support of Supernova and Hal, Unified English Braille support is live and ready for you to try.

To change your Braille input or output settings to Unified English Braille Grade 1 or 2, visit the 'Braille' menu and select 'Preferences'.

EasyConverter users need simply switch their language profile settings to Unified English Braille Grade 1 or 2 in the 'Braille General' area of the 'Output settings'.

If you haven't yet got a copy of the booklet which includes the samples and questionnaire then you can download it from the BAUK website or you can obtain a print/braille/electronic copy from Janine Barker by emailing [email protected] or calling 01733 375100.

The closing date for receipt of completed questionnaires is Tuesday, 30th September, 2008.

Alternatively you can download a free demo of Supernova, Hal or EasyConverter to try Dolphin's UEB support for yourself.

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