Dolphin Computer Access today announced the release of the World’s first and only combined Hindi screen reader and screen magnifier, with integrated Braille display support.  The Hindi edition of Supernova has been developed by Dolphin Computer Access in partnership with Mumbai based disability experts BarrierBreak International.  It is immediately available on portable USB pen edition, on CD, or to download as a 30-day trial

Photo of an Indian coupleThere are in excess of 480 million Hindi speakers worldwide and it is estimated there are more than 15 million blind people living in India.  This vast population of visually impaired individuals live with the full spectrum of sight loss ranging from seniors with mild low vision to young professionals with total loss of sight or complete blindness.

"Dolphin's Hindi Supernova represents a significant step forward for the visually impaired community of India, as it not only delivers an excellent Hindi screen reader, but also an integrated screen magnifier with support for Braille displays" explains Shilpi Kapoor, Managing Director of BarrierBreak Technologies and recipient of the 2008 Shell Helen Keller award.

"Dolphin has also recognised that a high quality natural sounding synthesiser is crucial and have bundled Nuance's Realspeak Hindi Lekha and Realspeak Indian English Sangeeta, to ensure the optimum screen reading experience."

Noel Duffy, Managing Director of Dolphin Computer Access explains "Essentially, Supernova enables public access environments such as schools, libraries and employers to offer the complete range of access technology needs for all types of visual impairments and to therefore meet their legal accessibility obligations under the Indian 'Persons With Disabilities Act, 1995'. 

Supernova offers individuals real choice; choose a screen reader that includes a screen magnifier and colour enhancement options that enable people to use what remaining sight they may have or that offers total flexibility as their sight changes."

The fully localised Hindi version 10 release not only includes Dolphin's Supernova Screen Reader and Screen Magnification software, but also Hal Screen Reader, Lunar Screen Magnifier and LunarPlus Enhanced Screen Magnifier.  Each are available on a CD or on the Dolphin Pen - a portable USB drive that enables the user to take their favourite Dolphin software and personal speech, magnification and Braille settings with them to other PCs. 

Photo of a young lady in Indian dress next to an Indian business man with Hindi text in the backgroundThe Hindi release also includes Dolphin's new Scripting engine (integral in all version 10 products) demonstrating Dolphin’s long term commitment to intuitive high quality access for visually impaired Hindi speakers looking to compete in the employment market and in education.

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