Photo of Denis NordenDolphin has many well known or ‘celebrity’ customers using everything from the speech and magnification of SuperNova, through to the alternative format creation skills of EasyConverter.  However, it isn’t very often that we get to say who they are. 

Over Christmas on BBC Radio 4’s In Touch program, Peter White talked to Denis Norden and how he is learning to live with Macular Degeneration.

Best known for his ITV show ‘It’ll Be Alright On the Night’, Denis talks about how SuperNova has made all the difference for him, even helping him to write his comedy scripts and his new book. 

“So as far as using the ordinary word processor and so on, when you couldn't see the screen that became a problem and I found it rather laborious to get round. But fortunately I happened across a software program called Supernova and that reiterates whatever I type in on the specially large keyboard”

Although the actual writing of Denis's new book took 2 years to finish, Denis certainly appreciates the role SuperNova made to its completion.

“I owe it all to SuperNova but even so you make mistakes, but my wife would proof it and I would record her proofing, as it were, she would read through it and say, you know, at the top of the paragraph so and so you've put an L instead of a G and i would listen to that and then change it on the screen."

According to Peter White, “the whole interview was spiced with anecdotes and stories about his life, and the many stars with whom he's worked.”

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