Special Discounts for ZoomText™ or MAGic™ customers

Is your screen magnifier software compatible with Microsoft's newest operating system? Do you need Windows 8 support now or in the near future? People with partial sight using older screen magnifiers can now part exchange their out of date software for the latest version of SuperNova that includes magnification and speech access to Windows 8.

As well as continuing to work with Windows 7 and Windows XP, SuperNova's crystal clear magnifier enlarges everything on screen up to 60 times. Colour schemes reduce glare and maximise reading comfort; for weary eyes natural sounding male and female voices can speak documents and apps out loud; Multiple Monitor support helps with: multitasking, delivering presentations or working closely with colleagues.

For the cost of an additional single user licence, you can trade-in ZoomText™ from AI Squared or MAGic™ from Freedom Scientific to: SuperNova Magnifier, SuperNova Reader Magnifier or the complete SuperNova Access Suite.

For example, trade-in ZoomText or MAGic to:

  • SuperNova Magnifier for £175GBP, save £120GBP
  • SuperNova Reader Magnifier for £235GBP, save £160GBP
  • SuperNova Access Suite for £495GBP, save £340GBP

Prices are illustrative and you should contact Dolphin or your local Dolphin dealer to receive a personal quotation.


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To discover which edition is right for you now and in the future, try SuperNova free for 30 days.

Meet Ben who is using SuperNova to successfully complete his University degree:



Customers wishing to take advantage of the magnifier trade in offer must quote their competitor serial number with their order and return the original competitor installation CD to Dolphin or your local Dolphin dealer in order to qualify. Offer valid on quotations made before September 2013.

Please direct any questions regarding the Trade In offer to [email protected]



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