Ben is a 22-year old Computer Science undergraduate, cramming for his final exams in his last year at university. In his spare time Ben buys and sells computer parts on eBay.

Ben used to have partial vision including colour perception, but is now totally blind. He remembers what colours look like and has good spatial awareness.

While at school with partial sight, Ben strained to see what was on computer screens. He was amazed to discover computers could talk and quickly became enthusiastic about the potential of the technology when his school installed SuperNova to a single machine. Ultimately, Ben was able to continue to use SuperNova when he lost his sight completely.

Ben's Computer Science course includes modules on: ecommerce, IT Architectures, communications and networks. He finds the university's preferred Integrated Development Environment inaccessible, but sees benefits in handcrafting his Java code in text editors like Notepad.

He uses SuperNova's application settings to automatically hear different levels of punctuation whilst shopping online compared to writing code.

PDF and PowerPoint tend to be the formats in which his lecturers send learning materials which Ben reads using the Dolphin Cursor, a core feature of SuperNova.

Reading at speed is a high priority for Ben and SuperNova can speak at hundreds of words per minute using a choice of 3 synthesisers.

Ben has found the Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment to be compatible with SuperNova and he uses the same skills he has developed for surfing the web, to access his course content. This approach also means there's no more losing that precious tape or Braille copy, and feedback from staff is quicker.

The University also take advantage of SuperNova site licences and have SuperNova available on machines in the computer labs and libraries.

Having DSA funded screen access software means Ben can continue to use SuperNova with which he is familiar.

What's more Ben and his University have the reassurance that comprehensive professional product support is only a call or email away.


SuperNova, for every visual impairment


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