Personal assistant and social networker, Laura is using SuperNova's fully synchronised screen reader and screen magnifier to be successful at work and play. Dolphin has collaborated with Remploy to produce a 5-minute video showing Laura telling her story.

Born with partial sight, Laura was educated at a mainstream school. While Laura's sight was deteriorating, she took up sport, completed her GCSEs, got a white cane and started applying to the world of work.

Laura's current job as a PA entails providing administrative support to directors, regional operations managers and account managers across the UK. To work with email, spreadsheets and documents, Laura uses SuperNova everyday to gain synchronised screen reader and magnification access to Microsoft Office applications. And when Laura's not working, she also benefits from SuperNova's improved web support to access her favourite social networking web sites.

Laura's active sporting life includes competing for Team GB in Goal ball, keen dressage riding and in the summer of 2012 she carried the Paralympic torch on its road to London.

"Before I was introduced to SuperNova, I never used to use computers. I just struggled along I guess. Without assistive technology I would probably live quite a boring life." Said Laura in this interview with Howard Chambers from Remploy.

Checkout the video where Laura talks about her life, love for sport and use of SuperNova.




Also meet Amy, who is now studying more effectively using a laptop equipped with Dolphin SuperNova.




For more information about SuperNova including which mainstream applications are being used successfully by people with a range of visual impairments, visit



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