Dolphin Computer Access has recently sponsored and supported the newly launched Macular Disease Society Awards. Presented by BBC Radio Four's Peter White, the awards have been established by the Macular Disease Society to acknowledge and recognize the work that is done for people with macular disease, the leading cause of blindness in the UK.

Macular Disease Society Awards logo

Awarding in three main categories 'Award for Excellence in Clinical Services', 'Best Support Services Award' and his own, 'Macular Disease Society's Chairman's Award', Alan Alderman explains more.

"The winners are people with a commitment to excellence; who, despite the obstacles of heavy workloads or, in some cases, advanced age or sight loss, are passionate about improving the lives of MD patients. We felt it was time they were recognised and thanked - and it is our great pleasure to tell them how grateful we are for the fantastic work they do."

Macular Disease destroys central vision by damaging the macula, a crucial part of the eye's retina; affecting people's ability to read, drive and remain independent. According to the MD Society, it is estimated that there are over 500,000 people with macular conditions in the UK, most of them over the age of 65.

Mary McMachon, Managing Director of Dolphin Computer Access (North) comments:

"We are delighted to support the Macular Disease Society Awards and join in celebrating the achievements and the dedication of all of the award nominees and especially the winners. The ethos behind the awards is very similar to Dolphin's own, that of delivering independence to all visually impaired and blind people".

As the lead developer behind Dolphin's Guide software, Adrian Sach explains why Dolphin Guide is ideal for people who are affected by Macular Disease.

"Dolphin Guide's simple menu system and in-built speech and magnification make computers easy, no matter how much sight you may have lost through MD. Dolphin Guide enables our users to write letters and documents, browse the internet, send and receive email and much more.

Many of our users have regained their independence, using their computer as they did before. For others, as Dolphin Guide is easy to use and learn, it opens up a whole new world for people who have never used a computer before."



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