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The Accessible Resources Pilot project, led by a consortium fronted by Dolphin Computer Access Ltd. is testing a model for the provision of textbooks and other curriculum materials in electronic files for pupils who struggle to read books in their standard format due to problems with sight or reading e.g. Dyslexia. provides a fantastic area for individuals taking part in the Accessible Resources Pilot Project; including students, teaching staff and parents; to log in and access electronic textbooks and interact on discussion forums. The website also provides interested parties with continuously updated news regarding the progress of the pilot project.

Project Leader Jim Russell comments: “At present, many children are not able to access the full curriculum because materials are not made available to them in a format that they can use and at the time that they need them. It is hoped that these trials will lead to a sustainable model that can be extended throughout schools to meet the needs of many more pupils who are disadvantaged by the lack of curriculum materials in formats that they can readily access. We also aspire to providing pupils with valuable skills and tools that they will be able to use throughout the rest of their education and lives.” is launched in advance to the commencing of the Pilot Project in November 2009. Pupils participating in the project are currently receiving training on the use of the laptops and specialist alternative format conversion software. To find out more about the project, including a description of the project and an extensive list of frequently asked questions, visit (external link).

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