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Great news for readers with Dyslexia across the UK. The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) has recently launched a new 'Print Disability Licence'. The new licence extends copyright exemption to include readers with Dyslexia.

The Print Disability Licence empowers licence-holding organisations and institutions to convert copyrighted material into an accessible format. These materials can then be circulated to people with vision impairments and dyslexia in the community. Alternative formats include large print, Braille and accessible eBook formats.

Licence-holders can now use computer software, such as Dolphin EasyConverter, to make all reading materials accessible to readers with a 'print disability.'


What's new in the Print Disability Licence?

The new Print Disability licence replaces the previous Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) licence. The license has been upgraded to reflect a recent widening of the definitions of print disability to include not just those people who have a visual impairment, but also those with another disability that prevents them from reading books as easily as others. The definitions now include dyslexic readers following a request by the industry's Accessibility Action Group and the Right to Read Alliance.


Anna Tylor, Chair of the Right to Read Alliance, says:
"Access to books is vital for education, employment and for the pure pleasure of reading. We appreciate the co-operation we have received from the CLA and publishers in improving access to print material for people with print impairments particularly dyslexia."


Noel Duffy, Managing Director of Dolphin Computer Access and member of the Right to Read Alliance adds:
"I am thoroughly delighted with the Copyright Licensing Agency's announcement of the Print Disability licence. Using AltFormat software tools, such as Dolphin EasyConverter, licence-holders are now fully empowered to create an equitable and accessible world. Reading materials can and should be made accessible to all!"

Making alternative formats available with EasyConverter

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Print Disability Copyright Licence holders can now create their own accessible versions of copyrighted materials using Dolphin EasyConverter.

EasyConverter is the essential toolkit for creating alternative format materials. EasyConverter empowers you to quickly and easily create alternative Large Print, MP3 audio, DAISY talking book and Braille versions of learning materials and other documents.

EasyConverter is easy to learn for users who are new to creating altformats, and is equally suited to experienced professionals looking for a flexible, high quality altformat creation tool. EasyConverter is ideal for schools, colleges, universities, government and commercial organisations.

Find out more and watch video tutorials to see EasyConverter in action on the EasyConverter product pages of the Dolphin website.

Where can I get a Print Disability Copyright License from?

Print Disability licences are free and available to organisations and institutions. Application is available through the Copyright Licensing Agency website: (external link).


Read the full CLA press release at: (external link)

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