Version 12 of SuperNova delivers to you the latest advancements in magnification and speech technology from Dolphin. This release is packed full of new features including True Font Technology, Multiple Monitor Support, Smarter Video Hooking, substantial performance and usability improvements for Speech and Braille in Microsoft Office 2010, iTunes 10 and Adobe Reader.

True Fonts

Comparisons of Font Smoothing image







True Fonts ensures all onscreen text appears perfectly smooth and crystal clear even at the highest magnification levels.


Multiple Monitor Support

Imaging showing an example of Multiple Monitor use






Increase your productivity with true multi-tasking on the Windows Extended Desktop by magnifying applications running on two or more monitors side-by-side.

Choose from 5 different multiple monitor modes:

  • Side by Side Applications: Show each application magnified on separate monitors.
  • Presentation: Magnify presentation notes on the first monitor while showing unmagnified slides on the projector.
  • Clone: Copy the image from the first monitor on all secondary monitors, magnification settings are synchronised across all monitors.
  • Span: Extend the magnified image across multiple monitors.
  • Clone with Standard View: An unmagnified copy of the image from first monitor is visible on all secondary monitors.


Custom Mouse Pointer Sizes

Mouse Pointers Example Image





The size of the magnified mouse pointer can now be set independently of the screen magnification level.

Improved application support for Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader

Significant internal changes have been made to improve performance and reliability when reading PDF documents in Adobe Reader and using Microsoft Office 2010, 2007 and 2003.

Version 12 also contains:

  • New Braille Tables.
  • iTunes 10 support.
  • Vocalizer Text To Speech support - the next generation of synthesiser from Nuance.
  • Control Panel changes, based on feedback from version 11 users.
  • Silent check for updates.
  • New Documentation.


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