Nick Adamson, blind father of 2, is determined to promote the value of Braille, with a fun Braille computer game which leverages the power of Dolphin SAM.

A software engineer working in the defence industry, Nick designed and developed Dotris, a highly addictive wall building computer game played on refreshable Braille displays. Players attempt to build a solid wall of dots at the left end of the Braille display using Braille shapes which fly in from the right.

Dotris is available immediately and can be downloaded without charge. Nick invites players to make a donation to the ClearVision Project, a lending library of accessible children's books. Nick says;

"ClearVision is a fantastic service which has enabled me to read to my kids. I worry about the decline in Braille skills. Raising the profile and money for the ClearVision library is my attempt to help slow this decline. As I used to hate reading Braille, it's a complete turnaround in my attitude to Braille in the last 10 years."

Dotris uses Dolphin SAM, a software component that enables the game to work with most types of refreshable Braille display instantly.

To celebrate the advent of Dotris, and to support Braille literacy, Dolphin is making a seasonal gift to sponsor the production of twelve ClearVision books.

Photo of Dotris being played on a Braille display


Braille is a written code equivalent to print. The alphabet, numbers, music notation and other symbols appearing in print can be shown in braille by arranging combinations of six dots. Learn more about the impact of Braille from the UK Association for Accessible Formats.

Dotris is an innovative computer game played on a refreshable Braille display. Learn more about Dotris from N A Soft.

ClearVision is a UK postal lending library of mainstream children's books with added braille enabling families to share the joy of reading.

Synthesiser Access Manager (SAM) is a software component developed by Dolphin Computer Access for use in the SuperNova family of screen readers. For more information about SAM and how it can be used in your projects contact [email protected]

Dolphin Computer Access delivers independence by developing and distributing a range of software products for people who are blind or low vision.

Media Contact: Kelly Goulding 01905-754577

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