SuperNova Connect & ViewCheryl Price is a Typing & ICT Teacher at Caerphilly County Borough Council, and works with visually impaired students to match them with the technology they need to be able to continue their education.

Cheryl has been using SuperNova with students, and took the time to let us know how our latest education feature, Connect & View, has been received.

"New School year and new Supernova Connect and View software – very exciting!!!  The teachers’ VNC whiteboard sharing software has so far been very easy to install and the students, having already used the previous Supernova Pen Drives, have quickly understood the Connect and View facility.  The helpline, as always, is amazing both on the telephone and via email.

The software provides crisp, sharp images of the whiteboard on their personal laptops with good contrast.  It easily allows personal flexibility to experiment with what works best for them through magnification, colours etc.  The snapshop button has proved very popular for students to examine documents at a more convenient time.

With good keyboarding/computer skills students can now take better notes independently from the whiteboard during the lessons.  This allows them to understand which information is included and how it is organized, which is not available with the assistance of a scribe/reader. 

This new Connect and View feature is proving to be very effective and popular with my students.  Finally the visually impaired students don’t have to sit at the front of the class if they don’t want to.  They can move about the classroom while still having access to the whiteboard but sit with their friends and be unobtrusive."

It's great to hear real life stories of how our software works in the environment it's designed for, and we're thrilled to know that Connect & View is making a difference to visually impaired students - not just in terms of their education but their integration in the classroom and sitting with friends too.

Thanks Cheryl.

Watch our video to see Connect & View in action.

If you'd like to find out how Connect & View could help visually impaired students in a classroom environment, call us on 01905 754577 and we'll be happy to help.


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