Did you know SuperNova 16 comes with a new control panel? The updated buttons always remain crystal clear and perfectly crisp, no matter how large you magnify, and we've also improved usability by making behaviour consistent and easy to learn. Features are helpfully grouped and selected buttons and tabs are clearly defined.

We've also introduced a new media tab; bringing together SuperNova’s most unique entertainment, Scan & Read and book access features for quick access to all your SuperNova favourites. 

The Media tab includes:

  • Scan & Read – Scan and hear documents read aloud.
  • Books – Read books and newspapers with direct access to RNIB Newsagent, NLS BARD, NFB-NEWSLINE®, Bookshare®, CELA, Passend Lezen, Legimus and many more.
  • News – Read the latest news headlines from your favourite source with hundreds to choose from.
  • Radio – Play your preferred radio station or find a new favourite.
  • Podcasts – Listen to your podcasts, hassle free.

Meet the new control panel in our short video.


To find out more about SuperNova and it's features, visit our product pages.


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