What's new in EasyReader version 7.06?

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  • NEW: Support for RNIB Bookshare library
    EasyReader now supports RNIB Bookshare and is basically a copy of the Bookshare library in terms of usage and behaviour.
  • NEW: Support for CAMI / CPORT library
    Login to CAMI to view a list of books that the user has on their online bookshelf.
  • NEW: Improved EPUB 3 support
    As part of the collaboration with CAMI to support their subset of the EPUB 3 standard, we have made improvements to the EPUB 3 support.
  • NEW: Play or ignore skippable content
    We have introduced a new checkbox in Audio Settings called “Play skippable content”. If the user unchecks it, skippable content will not be played during continuous playback. Skippable content includes items such as page numbers, footnotes, sidebars and notes added by the book’s producer. Please note that this is limited to certain DAISY 2/3 books from some libraries.
  • NEW: Signed with latest Dolphin certificate
    Both the installer and the EasyReader.exe file are now signed with the latest certificate.

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