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For a limited time only Bookshare, in conjunction with Dolphin, is offering a very special membership price of just $25 for new users.

The standard price for new users is $50 plus a one off set up fee of $25. But, for the month of August, Bookshare will waive the set up fee and reduce the first year subscription fee by 50%. That’s an overall saving of $50.

Bookshare offers a wide range of genres and subjects – both fictional and non-fictional – and downloads are unlimited. That means that for the equivalent of less than £1.30 per month you can read as many books as you please, accessible 24/7.

Bookshare content is fully accessible via Dolphin Guide and SuperNova through our integrated Bookshelf tool at no extra cost. With Bookshelf you can access multiple online content providers from one place; making your downloading and reading experience easy and hassle free.

To take advantage of this offer you will need access to a computer and a printer.

1.       Visit

2.       Select “sign up today”, followed by ”individual account”

3.       Confirm that you can provide Proof of Disability

4.       Make sure you use promo code Dolphin2015 to receive the special pricing offer

5.       Submit Proof of Disability

6.       Email [email protected] to submit a reduced payment request.

Your credit card provider will converted the dollar price to sterling based on the current exchange rate.

Once your account is active you can enjoy unlimited access to thousands of titles. Happy reading!


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