Elton High School logoShiffa is a year 11 pupil at Elton High School in Bury, and she is preparing to sit GCSEs in a wide range of subjects. For the last two years Shiffa has been successfully using an ipad in school but recently found that she needed to use a laptop to create documents. Looking to the future, Shiffa needs support to use the full range of Microsoft Office applications, which is why switching to Windows based magnifier SuperNova is ideal for study and future employment.

Shiffa shared her story with us, and tells us her thoughts as a new user of SuperNova.

"I have Wolfram Syndrome and as a result my vision is poor. I had been using print size 18 for several years but over the last 12 months my vision has become worse and I now need to use print size 36.

I use computers all the time in school and I have used the built in magnifier to help me access the tool bar. I also use an ipad to access ibooks and receive documents from my teachers.

I started using SuperNova at the end of last year, encouraged by my QTVI, and found it very easy to use. I prefer the ‘magnifying glass’ view as I find it easier to navigate around the document. I soon became confident in using the basic features but know there is more to learn.

Because Supernova was so easy to use and I found it was very helpful, my QTVI upgraded to the Magnifier and Speech version. I have only just started to use it but I am sure it will be a big help when I am producing longer documents and need to re read and improve the quality of my work."

Thanks for sharing your story Shiffa, and good luck in your upcoming exams.

If you have a SuperNova story you'd like to share, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.


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