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It's been one week since we launched SuperNova 15 - the first and only magnifier and combined screen reader with support for the newly released Windows 10.

At the same time, we announced that ScreenReader has been removed from the SuperNova family and is now a stand alone product.

Just to clarify, ScreenReader has been updated in development in the same way as SuperNova 15, so it too comes with Windows 10 support.

It's been removed from the SuperNova product family in order to give it it's own identity as software for people who are blind. It makes it clearer for people who are new to Dolphin products. With varying levels of sight one of the editions of SuperNova is the necessary software. With no sight ScreenReader is the product to buy.

The latest ScreenReader release can be purchased in the usual way - through our sales team or online. If you have an up to date SMA you will receive your upgrade as normal. Contact us for more information!


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