SuperNova 16.06 is now available and, as usual, is a free of charge update via our updates page to existing version 16 users.

While there are no new features in this release of SuperNova, we’ve worked hard to fix reported bugs and issues, ensuring a much improved user experience.

FIX: Outlook start up delay.

FIX: Crash / hang in Live Mail.

FIX: Crash / hang in PowerPoint 2016.

FIX: Issue opening Excel spreadsheet through Windows Explorer.

FIX: TrueFonts failure on website

FIX: Crash after rotating a tablet.

FIX: Memory leak in script engine.

FIX: Default to Doc Reader using document colours.

FIX: Memory leak in shape detector.

FIX: SuperNova Magnifier incorrectly showing profile selector in the status bar.

FIX: Crash in Internet Explorer.

FIX: Crash in Off Screen Model.

FIX: Dolphin On-Screen Keyboard announcements in SuperNova Magnifier & Speech.

FIX:  Lineview and magnification issues when system idle.

Using a version of SuperNova earlier than version 16? You can upgrade by calling our UK sales office on +44 (0)1905 754577, or contacting your local dealer.

New to SuperNova? Why not download a FREE 30 day trial from our product pages? Enjoy full technical support for the duration of the trial.


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