Yesterday we were fortunate enough to spend the morning at New College Worcester, filming year 8 student Chelsea who's a SuperNova user.

The video will be ready next year, but in the meantime here are some behind the scenes shots of Chelsea, our videographer Callum, and other year 8 students being taught IT in the Innovation Hub by Mr Fogg.


Videographer Callum with a camera on a tripod Group of students around a table using laptops

Videographer Callum with camera and large lights filming Chelsea who is using a laptop Callum helping Chelsea at her laptop

Callum filming close ups ofChelsea typing Close up image of Callum typing while Chelsea watches

Close up of Callum filming Chelsea using her laptop Close up of Chelsea looking at her laptop screen

Chelsea using Connect & View with a camera and her laptop Chelsea looking away from the laptop and smiling


Thanks to Mrs Phillips for arranging the visit, Mr Fogg for letting us sit in on his lesson, and Chelsea for being the star of the day!

Watch out for the video, coming next year!

Click to find out more about why students use SuperNova.

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