Mary Ellen Flynn is an English teacher at Priestly Smith School in Birmingham and she, along with some visually impaired students, have worked with RNIB Bookshare to create a video highlighting the importance of accessible formats not only in education, but in general development and enjoyment too.

Teaching resources are best utilised in the classroom with students; not chasing up or creating accessible formats of learning texts, which is where RNIB Bookshare excels. They have over 75,000 titles already available, and can also work with publishers to request books that aren't currently in accessible format, so that they can be converted and provided to the school making the request, and to the wider audience.

With an RNIB Bookshare educational organisation account, teachers and educational professionals can select and add texts to their students' accounts for them to read in or out of school; boosting their extra curricular knowledge.

With Dolphin SuperNova, ScreenReader, EasyReader for Windows and EasyReader app, RNIB Bookshare accounts can be accessed directly through the software, without the need to navigate the website. Browse, search and download titles to be read with the student's individual preference of colour, font size and optional speech or braille support. With the EasyReader app students can read on their Android or iOS tablet or phone, for portability and flexibility.

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