Dolphin EasyReader. Designed for readers with dyslexia and visual impairments


Lead by the DAISY Consortium and the Book Industry Study Group evaluates the accessibility of new and popular reading apps available for the widest range of mobile and reading devices.  Their suite of tests rigorously scores each reading app against a grid of 55 criteria, each chosen as being a key requirement for people with reading disabilities. recently put Dolphin’s EasyReader apps through their paces, evaluating their accessibility for users with low vision, blindness & dyslexia. All 3 EasyReader apps were evaluated: EasyReader for iOS, EasyReader for Android and EasyReader for Windows.  Each app was assessed for its: Basic Functionality, Non-Visual Reading, Visual Adjustment & Read Aloud functions.

Best in Class for Accessibility

The scores are back and we are pleased to confirm that EasyReader’s developing status as the most accessible reading app for iOS, Android and Windows has been officially validated.’s results rank the 3 EasyReader apps as the best in class for accessibility for BOTH operating system AND for reading disability.

  AT Used in Test Basic Functionality Non-Visual Reading Visual Adjustment Read Aloud
Of particular interest to...   all readers blind readers low vision or dyslexic readers dyslexic readers

EasyReader for iOS

Voiceover 100% 92.3% 75% 100%
EasyReader for Android Talkback 100% 84.6% 75% 100%
EasyReader for Windows NVDA 92.3% 92.3% 75% 100%

Looking for more detail? Explore the full set of data published by or read our short summary of reading tools and their scores for each operating system:

User Reviews Agree

And if there still isn’t enough evidence, it seems that EasyReader users would agree with the recent results. Here are just a few of the recent reviews:

"Fully accessible and easy to use" Shadow Hunter 77  iOS

This is a really good app. I'm completely blind and use VoiceOver on my iPhone and iPad. Not only is this app free, it's fully accessible with VoiceOver and easy to use. It gives you access to a ridiculous number of free Ebooks as well as enabling you to read newspapers and magazines that are in Epub format. Great.

"Best accessible reading app I have found" JuanCarlos81 iOS

This is the best reading app I have found that supports a range of voices and libraries. I have it on both my ipad and iphone and it is a pleasure to read books with.

A great customizable app" Norberto Feliberty Jr. Android

“This is a great customizable app that lets people who are visually impaired read books from a variety of organizations that offer accessible material for the visually impaired and who's disability otherwise affects their ability to read standard books.”



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