A new SuperNova update has been released today and is available free to all SuperNova 17 users. Included is brand new support for the Mozilla Firefox web browser, as well as new magnification support for video walls! Read on to learn more...

NEW: Support for Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

SuperNova 17 now supports both the Quantum and ESR editions of Mozilla Firefox (release 52 or greater).  Existing SuperNova customers can make the switch to Firefox, hassle free; SuperNova 17.03 features an identical web browsing experience for magnification, speech and braille users.

Also new and fixed for web users:

  • NEW: Web page settings for all SuperNova supported browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.
  • FIX: Numerous bug fixes and usability improvements for Google Chrome browser support

NEW: Magnification on Video Walls and Multiple Monitor Setups using Multiple Graphics Cards

Perfect for techies and geeks running Windows 10 who need maximum screen real estate, but also need SuperNova’s magnification features.

SuperNova Magnifying on a video wall

NEW: Magnification on Multiple Monitors Setups using USB ‘DisplayLink’ video docks and adapters

NEW: SuperNova’s magnification now supports laptops with two graphics cards

These users may have previously seen an error code 7.

Also of interest to multiple monitor users:

  • FIX: SuperNova’s Multiple monitor support now consistently supports monitors running at different resolutions.
  • FIX: SuperNova no longer crashes when you plug in a projector.

NEW: Support for the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation app

Long term friend of Dolphin, Lars Sonnebo has created Script files for the powerful digital audio workstation application Reaper.  With his kind permission, these scripts are included in 17.03 update for the benefit of all SuperNova users that are also audio producers.

NEW: Compatibility with the Mercury Tablet from Pamtrad & MaxiAids

Users of the Mercury tablet that includes its own touchscreen magnification and text-to-speech can now seamlessly switch to SuperNova’s magnification and back again, without conflict.

Read the complete list of what's new in SuperNova 17.03.

Existing SuperNova 17 customers can update via SuperNova's internet updater.  Alternatively, download a free 30-day trial of SuperNova.

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