EasyReaderReaders with dyslexia, or who are blind or partially-sighted, may struggle with print books and inaccessible apps. Free EasyReader enables anyone to read the world’s largest collection of accessible book and newspaper services.

With EasyReader you can browse and download books direct from your favourite libraries. Perfectly synchronised text and audio lets you read with your eyes and ears, and you can add a human sounding voice to text only titles.

The Dolphin Account Comes Alive!

And now, with the release of EasyReader 2.4, your reading position is automatically stored to your Dolphin Account, so you are always in control. If you have the same title on two or three devices and switch between them, EasyReader starts reading the book exactly where you left off.

Furthermore, improvements have been made to EasyReader to allow iPhone X users to make full use of their displays.

Finally, EasyReader now gives access to Eole, one of the largest French-language digital libraries. Éole has more than 35,000 Daisy audio books in its collections. Every genre and all types of literature are represented: regional novels, history books, travel stories, romance, literary awards and many more.

The first review is already in:

4.5 Star Review

“A reading application adapted to VoiceOver, and unlike Voice Dream, free of charge. This application allows you to read books in Daisy audio, ePub, and word documents. However, the application does not offer an integrated voice, and to read text documents, you have to rely on IOS voices. On the other hand, the application is very useful for reading documents in Braille or magnified.”

Read more here (French version)

Free EasyReader is available on IOS and Android from The App Store, or Google Play.

Download here

Find out more information about Dolphin’s EasyReader.

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