SuperNova logoSuperNova 18 launches today and is immediately available in UK English, US English, German, Dutch, Swedish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Czech and Norwegian languages. SuperNova is available in 3 editions each designed for varying degrees of sight loss: SuperNova Magnifier, SuperNova Magnifier & Speech, SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader.

A 30-day trial of SuperNova 18 is immediately available to everyone. Even, if you have trialled SuperNova 17 previously, another 30 days are now waiting for you! Why not put SuperNova 18 through its paces?

What's new in SuperNova 18?

Read the complete list of what’s new in SuperNova 18 or read on for the highlights:

NEW: Independent magnification and colour setting per monitor settings

SuperNova’s best in class multiple monitor support just got even better. New in SuperNova 18, you can now choose different levels of magnification and different colour settings for each of your monitors.  Multitask across 3 screens, each running a different app, with different levels of magnification and various colour schemes. And to keep things simple and transparent, the SuperNova control panel names the monitor you are using so you always know where you are making your magnification and colour adjustments.

Plus if you mix and match monitor resolution, you’ll still get great results.  Mix standard and touch screen monitors, from different manufacturers, any resolution. You can even add external monitors to tablets and laptops.

3 monitors sit side by side. Each has different levels of magnification. The monitor also has a blue and yellow colour scheme applied.


/nullUpdated Doc Reader – optimise reading comfort from any app

Doc Reader has been reengineered and is now more reliable and efficient in reflowing long texts from your favourite supported applications and webpages.
Designed to optimise reading comfort, Doc Reader adopts your choice of: font, colours and line length and is ideal for simplifying the appearance of busy documents. Press play and Doc Reader will speak aloud your text highlighting each sentence as it goes. Zoom in to see the text more clearly, and Doc Reader naturally adjusts the flow of the text, so there’s no panning or adjusting required – just total reading comfort.
TIP: Press CAPS LOCK + NUMPAD PLUS [Laptop: ALT + SHIFT + D] or click the Doc Reader button in any document or webpage and Doc Reader will open with the text ready to read.


The left screen shows a word document magnified. The right screen shows the same document shown in Doc Reader.


/nullUpdated ‘Scan & Read’ with higher accuracy, better PDF support and new view in Doc Reader and Word options

SuperNova now offers the best available accuracy and performance in scanning thanks to Omnipage 22. Scan paper documents with a plug in scanner, or scan PDFs, image files or the contents of your clipboard – no scanner required!


NEW in Scan & Read: Open your newly scanned documents in:

  • Word – just the text from the original document, no images or formatting included for improved accessibility
  • Word – all the text laid over the original images and formatting, to keep visual information
  • Notepad – plain and simple, ready to paste into other applications
  • Doc Reader – split your view and have the best of both. View the original document alongside the reflowed text. Press play and hear the text read aloud, whilst the synchronised highlights follow on both views. Horizontal and vertical splits are both available.

/nullUpdated ‘Connect & View’ with extra easier setup and new view in Doc Reader

SuperNova now automatically connects to any supported camera (plugged in or built into your laptop or tablet) and then remembers which camera you prefer to use. The result? Setting up and using Connect & View in SuperNova 18 is simpler and more reliable, with no need to regularly adjust your camera settings.

SuperNova 18 can now scan the image for text and open and read it in Doc Reader. Press the scanner button in the Connect & View toolbar and SuperNova scans for text and automatically opens in Doc Reader.
Choose from a variety of views, including split image and text view. Press play and hear the text read aloud, whilst SuperNova’s synchronised highlights follow along in both views. To change reading position, simply tap the screen, click or cursor.


A laptop shows Doc Reader in split view. Next to the laptop is a document camera with a paper document underneath.


New: Voice exceptions editor can correct mispronunciations easily or add common acronyms

With SuperNova 18 you can easily correct mispronounced words or add common acronyms. The voice exceptions you create are per voice and work with ANY synthesiser running with SuperNova, not just those supplied with SuperNova. The exceptions can be case sensitive and there’s the option to raise the pitch or spell out the original word.

New: Quicker set up for Enterprise SAM remote

This saves time and effort for system administrators, configuring speech and braille for end users on a Remote Desktop or Citrix network.

Free trial with Support

Download a free 30 day trial today and receive free support for the duration!



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