Imagine this...

Teacher hands out a print article in class. It’s been a bit last minute, so there’s no large print version for the low vision student.  Not ideal, but no problem – the young learner has SuperNova 18 on their laptop. The low vision student:


1. Plugs in their portable camera and places the article under the camera

Connect & View button

2. Clicks the SuperNova ‘Connect & View’ button

Colour changer and magnifier buttons

3. The article appears on screen and she adjusts the zoom and colours to comfortably view the text and diagrams

Scanner button

4. It would be better to hear the text, so the student clicks the scan button

Doc Reader button

5. Doc Reader opens and the student can see and listen to the original document alongside the perfectly reflowed text – the highlights follows on both views as it reads aloud


6. She saves the scanned text to Word ready for tonight’s homework

Empower your visually impaired students to be self-sufficient and independent learners.

Student sits in class with a laptop and a docment camera. Underneath the camera is a class handout. Press the Connect & View button and the screen on the laptop changes to Doc Reader with split view.


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