Today is World Braille Day - celebrated on the anniversary of the birth of inventor Louis Braille, born on this day in 1809. Louis went blind aged 3 following an accident in his father's workshop. He invented Braille, which comprises of 6 dots in different arrangements to represent symbols and letters of the alphabet, aged just 12.

Picture of Louis Braille with his name spelt out in braille underneath

Dolphin ScreenReader and Magnifier & Screen Reader products both support Braille input and output, being compatible with over 60 popular Braille displays. Perhaps you prefer speech on webpages but Braille in Word documents? Customisation enables you to tailor, and save, the settings to meet your requirements.

With EasyConverter, organisations can create Braille output from Word, PDF, text, html and many other formats. Quick and easy to use, EasyConverter requires no training - even for beginners - and can be purchased with or without a Braille embosser.

To find out more about Braille, watch our video.

To discuss your needs as a user or an organisation, please get in touch.


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