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SuperNova 15.03 launches today and includes a host of new and exciting low vision features, including a new patented technology called 'Connect & View'. The first of its kind in the assistive technology industry, Connect & View allows SuperNova users to connect, view and magnify presentations at work or school - no cables, no cameras and no hassle!  Or plug in an HD-camera, and Connect & View turns your tablet or laptop into a lightweight, portable video magnifier!

What's new in SuperNova 15.03?

  • Connect and View in useNEW: Connect & View – with a camera

Connect any high-definition (HD) camera to your computer and SuperNova Connect & View turns your tablet, laptop or desktop into a lightweight, portable video magnifier.  Magnify newspapers, magazines, bills, labels and even objects onto your computer screen.  Turn on Connect & View and the viewer displays what ever is under the camera lens.

Learn more about Connect & View with a camera

  • NEW: Connect & View – the teachers’ interactive whiteboard

With Connect & View from SuperNova, partially sighted students can connect to and magnify the teacher's interactive whiteboard on their own tablet or laptop.  The student can then customise the view to meet their own magnification and colour scheme needs.  The split screen feature enables them to make notes at the same time as monitoring what’s happening on the whiteboard.

Learn more about Connect & View with an interactive whiteboard

Got questions? Read our Connect & View FAQs

  • NEW: Connect & View – the same presentation

Ideal in employment or during training, Connect & View also allows low vision audience members to connect to the presenter’s computer and follow the same presention, in real time, on their own device. Add magnification, colours to suit and screen capture at the click of a button and you’ve got a fully accessible workplace solution.

  • NEW: Scan & Read (OCR) from the clipboard

New in the Bookshelf tab is the option to Scan and Read from the Clipboard.  Ideal for people using Connect & View with a camera, this new feature enables you to take a snapshot of a text document (Press PRINT SCREEN KEY) and then hear the document read back to you.  If you stumble across an inaccessible dialogue in an app, take a screen grab of the dialog (press ALT and PRINT SCREEN) and SuperNova’s new Scan and Read from the clipboard will read aloud the  text.

  • NEW: Line View – It’s back!

Back by popular demand, line view mode is now available in all supported operating systems – Windows 7, 8.1 & 10.  Ideal for users with a restricted field of vision, line view smoothly scrolls documents and web pages across in a single line so you can sit back and enjoy reading without the distraction of screen clutter or rapid mouse movement.  Set the font, colours and scrolling speed to suit your sight. Press the space bar to pause and resume scrolling, and use the arrow keys to fast forward or rewind.  Line view is particularly popular with people trained in eccentric viewing techniques.  

  • NEW: BAUM VarioUltra Braille display driver is now included

  • Baum VarioUltra


  • NEW: Polish books now available via Bookshelf from DZDN

Browse and read more than 7000 DAISY books now available via the SuperNova Bookshelf feature, from leading Polish book library Dzia³ Zbiorów dla Niewidomych (DZDN). Search by author, title, book narrator, series and other options.

How do I upgrade to SuperNova 15.03?

  • 15.03 is a free update for all SuperNova 15 customers - simply update SuperNova from the internet and all these new features are yours!
  • Customers running earlier versions of SuperNova can upgrade to 15.03 and will also receive support for Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 10.

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UK Patent Application No. 1601966.3


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