Lesley has retinitis pigmentosa | Dolphin Computer Access

Photo of Lesley using her GuideReader Tablet"I've had RP or retinitis pigmentosa for quite a few years. These days I am officially classified as blind, but in truth I've got some useful sight, albeit a bit flaky at times."

"GuideReader is different to most other book reading solutions for people with sight loss.  With GuideReader I can choose to use my remaining sight if I am having a 'good eye' day. When I'm looking for a new book I can browse. The voices tells me what's available and because I can make the text really big, I can see the titles at the same time."

"It's really empowering to be back to choosing my own books - I really don't like relying on other people. And when other people choose for you - well there's not much positive I can say about that..."

"GuideReader looks normal too.  When I am out, on holiday or with friends, I've got a tablet just like everyone else. In fact most people comment that mine is better as the screen is bigger than theirs!  GuideReader is technology just like everyone else, but kept simple." 

"It makes me wonder 'what's next for me?'  A Google self-driving car maybe?  Who knows!"

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