Photo of DaleWhen did you start at Dolphin and in what role?

I started at Dolphin in February 2013 as an apprentice in the Technical Support Department.

What qualifications or experience did you have?

I had a handful of GCSE’s in IT, Geography, Maths English (all C or higher) and I had an AS level in Media, BTEC IT and Business studies.  

What made you choose Dolphin?

Choosing Dolphin was rather easy. I was an apprentice for The Development Manager (TDM) and they mentioned that Dolphin had an apprenticeship in their Support Department they were looking at putting me forward for. After a quick lookup of the company I noticed it was a developing company and found that Dolphin would open me up to a whole new world I hadn’t seen before (accessibility).

What are the biggest challenges you have faced?

Dolphin love to give you challenges whether it is inside work or outside. I think one of the biggest challenges I have faced is the Dolphin Dragon Boat Racing in arms never forgave me for that.

What sort of development have you received in your time at Dolphin?

During my time here in Dolphin I have completed a level 2 and level 3 Apprenticeship in IT and am now hoping to continue on to level 4 (fingers crossed). Changing departments from Technical Support into Product Customisation and Testing (PCT) in October has also been a big step in my own personal development. My new role has allowed me to become better at time management, planning and setting out tasks.

How has your role developed?

I moved from Support into PCT towards the end of 2014 which enable me to develop a new set of skills. When I started in PCT I was more a tissue tester, looking at the software and hunting for little bugs! I have now developed into a more competent member of the team, attending some project meetings and even becoming responsible for machine maintenance in the department giving me a greater amount of responsibility.

What do you rate in Dolphin as an employer?

Definitely it has to be the feeling of community within the company. Everyone is friendly and co-operative. The kind of people you don’t mind popping down to the pub for a few after work. I believe this helps greatly as you are never afraid to ask for help with a problem.