Meet Matt: Graduate Developer | Dolphin Computer Access

Photo of MattWhen did you start at Dolphin and in what role?

I started in June 2014 as a Graduate Software Engineer.

What qualifications or experience did you have?

BSc Computing Science from Aston University. During my time at Aston I gained real world experience developing web applications for the student company.

What made you choose Dolphin?

I thought Dolphin was an ideal place to start my career in the software industry; I would have to keep on learning new skills and develop existing ones to fulfil my role.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced?

So far the biggest challenges I have faced have been: building a brand new website (the one you’re looking at now) and content management system; linking our internal systems up with e-commerce providers and learning a new programming language.

What sort of development have you received in your time at Dolphin?

As most of the products produced at Dolphin are for Windows and built in C/C++ I have had to develop my knowledge of these languages, Dolphin has provided me with time and material to help me do this.

How has your role developed?

During my time here I have been involved in multiple web related projects and I’m about to get involved in the development of the latest instalment of Guide which will allow me to put to use my new skills.

What do you rate in Dolphin as an employer?

The friendly staff; the focused work environment; the opportunities to learn new skills; the cake.