"The ability to convert documents swiftly and accurately into a range of alternative formats opens up a whole range of new possibilities for meeting needs on an individual basis."

Rory Cobb, Curriculum Access Development Officer, RNIB

"Trials have indeed shown that it [EasyConverter] is a very easy tool to use."

EA Draffan, University Of Southampton and www.Emptech.info

"We will be giving residents the opportunity to receive information, that is normally only available in print, as an MP3 file or on CD. This has been made possible by the introduction of newly purchased software that allows us to convert a wide range of text documents into audio files, making it easier for a whole range of people for whom printed formats would be a barrier to being involved. We will be using this software to update residents as and when requested, with minutes of meetings, newsletters, new policies and procedures to encourage engagement from groups such as, the visually impaired, young people, during training courses and sign-ups as well as for those who would just find it easier to listen to rather than read through papers."

Michael Simms, Catalyst Communities

"We have ordered EasyConverter … Great program! I love it!"

Lee Peevy, Merritt College, USA

"First impressions of EasyConverter are very appealing. It is set out clearly and simply and the layout is user friendly. Using the MP3 and DBT is quick and easy. Both pick up any tags added to pictures making any work produced fully accessible. The scanner is very accurate when scanning in text and not too much editing has to take place. The large print option did everything I needed it to. I especially liked the automatic page numbering system. The overall benefit of EasyConverter is that you are buying one piece of software with so many different possibilities. In an educational setting, where there are a number of students all wanting the same document but needing different formats, this software should be able to meet most needs. On the whole I found EasyConverter clear, user friendly and straight forward to use. I think it has a lot of potential."

Miriam Waller, RNIB Review of the Month

"Students are less likely to be put off studying by their learning difficulties and are more likely to be attentive, as they are getting better quality materials to work with in the format they need. We think that EasyConverter will improve teacher motivation too, as all staff want to see their students doing well. Anything that helps that happen has to be good."

Peter Lucas, Equality and Diversity Manager, Brockenhurst College.

"I think what makes it unique is the range of things it can do. There are other programs out there that just do Braille, or that just do Audio. Where EasyConverter shines is the fact it can do all of it; Large Print, Audio, Braille, very, very simply."

Matthew Horspool, Exhall Grange School

"With EasyConverter I like that you can see where you are in the process and that you can save a project and come back to finish later. I like having all the processes involved in the task of producing the final product brought together in one place. I think it is simple to use. I always avoided audio in the past as it was time consuming and the results weren’t usually that good. I was usually too embarrassed to give the tapes to my students. However, with Daisy and MP3 that is no longer a concern."

Susan, Teacher for the VI