Find and Read Talking Books from your Mac

  • ReadHear™ Mac’s library organises and stores all of your books ready for you to read
  • You can also use the library to open new books from your Mac

Read the Latest Talking Book Formats

ReadHear™ Mac supports the latest talking book formats, including:

  • Plain text
  • DAISY 2 and 3
  • Save-As DAISY
  • MathML
  • SVG images

Complete Playback Control of your Book

  • ReadHear™ Mac starts reading as soon as you open your book
  • Reading your book is easy. Start and stop reading with play and pause. Skip through by word, sentence, paragraph and heading levels with forward and backward.
  • Navigation sidebar allows you to jump between headings, pages, bookmarks and search for text within your book
  • Optimisation for larger books means you can open, navigate and read books of any size quickly and easily
  • Multi-task with ReadHear™ Mac. Keep listening to your book while using another program.

Remember Key Information with Bookmarks

  • Tag important sections of your book by adding bookmarks
  • Add notes to your bookmarks to remember key information
  • Check a words spelling and meaning and spellings and definitions with built-in dictionary features

Accessible for Blind, Partially Sighted and Dyslexic People

  • Sit back and relax listening to the narration included with your book, or use natural sounding voices from Nuance or other voices available on your Mac
  • Partially sighted people can magnify text and use high contrast enhancements to read along
  • Keyboard shortcuts enable quick access to menus and functions for keyboard users
  • ReadHear™ Mac’s support for refreshable Braille displays and VoiceOver empowers blind people to read
  • People with physical disabilities read using ReadHear™ Mac’s foot pedal support

Flexible Licensing and Updates

  • ReadHear™ Mac automatically updates to the latest version so you’re always up to date
  • Roaming activation gives complete flexibility, enabling you to move your ReadHear™ Mac licence from one Mac to another. Great for cost-effective licensing at school, home and work.