1000s of audio books at your fingertips


Designed for readers with low vision or partial sight

GuideReader Tablet has been specifically designed for people that love reading, but also have a visual impairment. 

  • Enlarge GuideReader’s menus and icons to a size that suits you
  • Simple talking instructions that guide you, step by step
  • 6 high contrast colour schemes to choose from
  • Choose from a range of human sounding voices that are all easy on the ear
  • Adjust the audio speed and volume for total listening comfort
  • Tactile marker for the power port
  • Reversible charging cable is always the right way round!
  • Tutorials, help and remote support that is designed by visually impaired people for visually impaired people!


Ideal for total beginners

  • Stop & start your audio book with just 1 button
  • Simple step-by-step choices read aloud
  • Spoken help for the exact spot you find yourself
  • The Dolphin Remote feels instantly familiar and builds confidence
  • Entering text to search for a new book is even easy.  GuideReader includes a carousel keyboard - a wheel of letters arranged A to Z.  Simply move the wheel left or right to find the letter you need


Large 10” Touchscreen

Image of a lady holding the GuideReader Tablet

  • Book text, menus and icons are always large, high contrast and crystal clear on GuideReader's large 10” touchscreen.
  • Tactile buttons for power and volume that are easy to locate by touch alone.   
  • Lightweight, portable weighing only 600g.
  • Includes a portable, folding tablet stand to hold GuideReader on a desk or other flat surfaces.

1,000s of Audio Books

Indulge with a book... thousands to choose from

Audio & Text

Experience the widest range of audio books, human narrated and delivered with large, crystal clear text, thanks to Dolphin’s True Font technology.  From top ten best sellers to old classics, romance to tragedy, GuideReader has them all, free and ready to read. Simply sign up to your local accessible library provider and get reading!

Synchronised & Highlighted

There’s no need to compromise with GuideReader: listen to audio, read the large print text, or do both, with each perfectly synchronised.   NB Some books are supplied as audio only or text only.

Book information

Learn more about the book including: Synopsis, author, format, language and size.

Supported Formats

GuideReader reads books and newspapers in MP3, Daisy 2, DAISY 3 (text and audio) and Epub formats.

USB memory sticks

If you receive newspapers or books from an accessible book provider on a memory (USB) stick, GuideReader will play those too. 


Using GuideReader - it couldn't be simpler!

Start reading, stop reading, browse for books, increase the volume – all achieved with just 1 finger.  Using GuideReader couldn’t be more simple and intuitive.

Just 4 Buttons!

GuideReader Tablet has 4 onscreen navigation buttons that can take you everywhere.  Located on the left and right edges of the screen, and conveniently reached with your thumbs, it couldn’t be simpler to read or browse for new books:


GuideReader Tablet showing 4 onscreen buttons. Reads Browse and read books with just 1 finger and 4 buttons.


Simple Touch

If you prefer you can also use GuideReaders’ touch options to read, or navigate the screens.  Plus we’ve kept the gestures super simple too:

  • Tap with 1 finger to hear a single line read aloud. 
  • Tap with 2 fingers to stop or start the book reading. 
  • Move through your book with a single finger swept up or down the screen. 

Add a second finger to adjust the text size with a simple (& popular) pinch gesture:

  • Make text larger - Place 2 fingers on the screen close together and slide them apart
  • Make text smaller - Place 2 fingers on the screen and pinch them together


Or use the unique Dolphin ‘Remote’

The Dolphin Remote feels instantly comfortable and familiar.  The simple, tactile buttons give you instant access to all your favourite GuideReader book reading functions:

GuideReader's Remote control

Plus good news – your Dolphin remote comes ready paired with your GuideReader Tablet, so it’s ready to work, straight from the box 



Touch the dashboard button on the touchscreen and you’ve got instant access to important GuideReader important information.  (Or, if you’re holding the remote, press A)

  • Time and Date
  • Battery status
  • Wifi signal strength
  • Volume
  • Speed
  • Notifications

If you're reading, you can open a list of chapters or articles too.

GuideReader's Dashboard


GuideReader’s handy notifications reminds you to recharge your tablet and keeps you up to date with books that are downloading .  Notifications include:

  • Book download complete
  • Battery needs recharging
  • New GuideReader update available


Connect & download from a range of Audio book libraries

Browse a range of national and international book libraries that are available in your country and in your local language. 

  • Browse popular titles
  • Browse by genre
  • Search by title
  • Search by author

Explore the full list of library providers and to sign up for their free services. NB. Not all are libraries offer all search options or browse options.