9 Reasons Why SuperNova is Loved by Students with a Visual Impairment | Dolphin Computer Access

“SuperNova has made a huge difference because I have been able to access a computer like everybody else and I’ve been able to read books like everyone else. It’s made a big difference because I can see everything now.”

Amy, Student, New College Worcester

9 reasons why SuperNova is loved by students with a visual impairment



It enables me to work smarter, not harder. Reading, writing and web research is quick with quality voices and smooth clear text. It’s easy to find my place in extended texts and check my work.


I can access the same resources as everyone else. I can use a camera to read and write notes at the same time, or take pictures to read later.


It’s totally mobile. I can take SuperNova with me to all my classes and back home with flexible licencing or on a USB stick.


I don’t stand out as different. I don’t need to sit at the front of the class any more – With‘Connect & View’ I can view the whiteboard on my own laptop with my own colours and zoom level.


It’s flexible and adapts to my needs if they change. SuperNova continues to support me as my eyesight changes, through education and into the workplace. I can even add or reduce screen reading during the day as I need to.


It comes with the best support. Dolphin’s support team are really helpful and understand exactly what it’s like to study and work with a visual impairment since they all rely on SuperNova themselves. Plus there are free tutorials and training videos on their website.


It improves with every free update. Dolphin’s developers work continually to improve features and support changes in Windows 10. Free updates are delivered regularly to me via my internet updater. Feature upgrades can be included by subscribing to Dolphin’s affordable software maintenance plan.


Administrators love it too! SuperNova is the only access product to support both blind and partially sighted students in a single installation, reducing the cost of ownership,maintenance and training. It’s licensed by user, so can be distributed to any server, computer lab, laptop, or tablet as needed.



It’s endorsed by teaching professionals, employers, assessors & students. SuperNova is used by government, banking, health and IT employers and is implemented in schools and universities all over the world.

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader allows students with a visual impairment to use a computer or Windows tablet independently. The software has already helped hundreds of thousands of students and professionals around the world to magnify and read their computer screens.

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