Whether you shop online or write documents using a family computer, play games or read books on your laptop or get online at your local library or blind society, launch SuperNova and people who are blind or partially sighted can enjoy the independence and flexibility of using the same off-the-shelf Windows PCs as everyone else. If you need help, SuperNova is backed up by Dolphin’s legendary Product Support team with decades of experience in assisting people who are blind and partially sighted.

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Meet Richard to find out more about using SuperNova at home.

Here’s what people are saying about SuperNova:

Screen magnification has been life changing ...But a lot of people like me also use the screen reader as a backup to avoid eye strain." 
David, Partially Sighted SuperNova User who plans and books travel online.

It's more relaxed at home not getting stressed. It's so easy and quick, shopping is pretty much done within ten minutes."
Zena, who recently became blind but can still order groceries online.

I can check I've got enough money to pay my bills any time of day or night. It's completely between me and my bank without anyone else involved."
Catherine, Busy Blind Mum who uses SuperNova to access online banking.

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