Topic: There are DOLPHINTEXT tags being inserted into emails being sent from web mail in Internet Explorer

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Applies to: ScreenReader, SuperNova Magnifier, SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader, SuperNova Magnifier & Speech

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After sending an email from a web mail site (for example Hotmail or Google Mail) there are DOLPHINTEXT tags appearing in the recipient’s message


This is a known issue that will be corrected in a future release. You can work around the issue in the meantime

To do this:

For Supernova Access Suite

1. Press LEFT CONTROL + SPACEBAR. The Supernova Control Panel opens.
2. Press ALT + G. The "General" menu opens.
3. DOWN ARROW to "Web Page Settings" and press ENTER. The "Web Page Settings" dialog box opens.
4. Press ALT + N. The "Edit Web Address" dialog box opens.
5. Type in a name for your Web Page Setting, for example "DOLPHINTEXT".
6. Press TAB. The focus moves to the "Enter the URL of the web site" edit area.
7. Type in the URL of the web site that is experiencing the problem. Place asterisks before and after the domain name. For example if the web page settings is for, type:
8. TAB to OK and press ENTER. You are returned to the "Web Page Settings" dialog box.
9. TAB to the tree view of items. 
10. DOWN ARROW to "Use Non Caching Options (Dynamic Pages).
11. Press SPACEBAR. This selects the checkbox.
12. TAB to the "OK" button and press ENTER. Your changes are saved and you are returned to the Supernova Control Panel.

For Supernova Magnifier and Supernova Reader Magnifier

1. Click on any blank area of the website to make sure Internet Explorer has the focus.
2. Press LEFT CONTROL + SPACEBAR. The Supernova Control Panel opens.
3. Press ALT + F. The "File" menu opens,
4. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to select "New" and press ENTER. A sub menu opens.
5. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to select "Map" and press ENTER. The "Select Map File" dialog box opens.
6. Use the UP and DOWNARROW keys to select the "Use an existing map file" radio.
7. TAB to the list of available map files. 
8. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to select the item called "Internet Explorer 5.0 v2.02".
9. TAB to the "OK" button and press ENTER. This will close the dialog box and confirm your changes.
10. Close Internet Explorer and then open again. The problem should now be gone.


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