Topic: SuperNova speech fails to read the Outlook 2016 inbox correctly on a Windows 10 computer.

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Applies to: ScreenReader, SuperNova Enterprise, SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader

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When attempting to have the Outlook 2017 inbox message list spoken, the speech just reads the entire window from top to bottom and does not announce each message item individually as you arrow down.


When this occurs, you may find that message lists in other Outlook folders speak correctly. The resolve this issue, a repair of Microsoft Office 2016 is needed. To do this:


IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have your Office product key to hand as you may be required to enter this following the repair of Office. You may also be required to set up your email accounts again so you will also need your email account details.

  1. RIGHT CLICK the Start menu button or press WINDOWS KEY + X. From the resulting menu choose “Programs and Features

  2. RIGHT CLICK the Microsoft Office product you want to repair, and select "Change".

  3. From the "How would you like to repair your Office Programs" screen, select "Online Repair" to make sure everything gets fixed, and then select Repair. The Quick Repair option is also available, which runs faster but may not correct the fault.

Note: We have seen one instance where the above did not resolve the problem, and the eventual solution was to uninstall and then reinstall Office.



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