Topic: Batch converting legacy .gdoc files into a format that is readable outside of Guide 9 or earlier.

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For users who have progressed from Guide 9 or earlier onto a full Screen Reader, you may wish to convert the old .gdoc document files into a format that can be read in Windows.


Please note: This is an unsupported solution and as such no Technical Support can be provided by Dolphin for the below process.

Download the Conversion Tool

First, download the "Gdoc2Rtf.exe" program.


Using the Program

  1. When you run Gdoc2Rtf.exe press the “Add” button in order to add one (or more) Gdoc files to the “Input File List”.
  2. Press the “Start” button in order to start the conversion process.


Each input file in the “Input File List” will then be converted to an RTF document one-by-one and placed in the same folder as the input file. The RTF output document will have exactly the same name as the Gdoc input file, just with an .rtf file extension instead.






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