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When installing Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 for use with Guide HandsFree version 7 there are various settings that need to be changed in order to get the optimum results


Profile Setup

After installing Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS), you will need to setup a profile within DNS.

  1. Set your profile name and the appropriate language.
  2. Choose the audio device that you will be using.
  3. The audio wizard will begin. The audio wizard will listen to the user as they read out a block of text in order to get the best level of audio possible. Once complete it will move onto the quality wizard. It will listen to the user again to optimize the quality. If either of these steps fail, you may require a different headset or further audio configuration within the windows control panel. Note: A headset with microphone must be used at all times when doing voice recognition. Using a set of speakers and microphone instead will result in various issues occurring, because the voice recognition will pick up all background noises.
  4. You will be presented with options regarding training. Select “skip training”.
  5. Select next until DNS asks if you would like to search for words to add. Untick the “emails” and “documents” boxes and select “Next”.
  6. On the next screen untick “automatically improve accuracy” and select “Next”.
  7. Select the option for “Don’t run data collection” and proceed by selecting “Finish”.
  8. DNS has now created your profile.
  9. A DNS interactive tutorial appears. Close this.
  10. A “tip of the day” box appears. Unselect the tip box “Show tips at start-up”, and then select "Close". Close the DNS side bar and then exit DNS by pressing ALT + F4.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 Configuration

DNS version 12 contains additional settings and features, resulting in further options to configure for optimal performance.

  1. Select the profile tab and open the user profile which you have just set-up. Now open “Dragon pad” from the tools menu, select the microphone option and ensure it is turned on.
  2. Select “tools” then “dictation”.
  3. Dictate a line of text and then close the dictation box. A dictation prompt box will appear reading "Do you really want to close this dictation box?". This will contain a couple of check boxes: "Do not ask me this again" and "Do not automatically open". Tick both of these, then close the prompt. This will stop the dictation box from opening when not required.
  4. Go to tools and select “auto formatting options” menu. There will be an option for “numbers, if greater than or equal to”, from the drop down box select “0” and then select “OK”. This will now stop DNS from reformatting numbers (for example stopping DNS putting a comma after 1 in the number 1000).
  5. Now go to the “Tools” tab and select “options”. Under the “Corrections” tab, untick the “Automatically add words to the active vocabulary” checkbox, and select “Apply”.
  6. Under the commands tab untick options apart from:
    • “Enable recognition mode switching”
    • “Enable cut shortcut commands”
    • “Enable delete shortcut commands”
    • “Enable copy shortcut commands”
  7. Select “OK” on the pop-up window asking you to restart and then select “Apply”.
  8. Select the “Miscellaneous” tab, uncheck all options and then check “Automatically save the profile changes”. Select “Apply”.
  9. On the “Data” tab, check the “store corrections in archive” check box, and ensure all the other options on this tab are unchecked, then click “Apply”.
  10. Finally go to the “Hotkeys” tab. Going through each of the options in turn, delete the hotkey that is associated with it and select “OK”.
  11. Now restart DNS.

 Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 will now be configured and ready to use Guide HandsFree.


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