Topic: Help to support friends, family and customers to use Dolphin Guide with Teamviewer remote support.

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This article describes how you can support people you know who use Dolphin Guide, from the comfort of your own home using the free edition of Teamviewer remote support software.


Dolphin Guide includes a feature which allows anyone with a PC and Internet connection to remotely access it, to help diagnose problems and offer help and support. To do this:

1. Open your web browser and visit

2. Click the button which says "Download Free for Private Use"

3. Your web browser will prompt you to run or save the file "Teamviewer_Setup_en.exe". Choose to run the file.

4. After a short time the installation program will start. Select "Basic installation" under the question "How do you want to proceed" and "Personal / non-commercial use" under the question "How do you want to use Teamviewer"

5. Press the "Accept - install" button to begin the installation.

6. Once the installation has completed, Teamviewer will start automatically and you will be prompted to enter your partner's ID. To obtain this, ask the Guide user whom you are supporting to (from the Guide Main Menu) press 9 for "More Menu Options", then 9 again for "Guide Extras", then 9 once more for "Remote Support"

7. At this point the Guide user will need to use the UP ARROW key to review the ID. They can also use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys to review each individual digit of the ID.

8. Type the ID number as provided by the Guide user into Teamviewer's "Partner ID" box then press ENTER.

At this point Teamviewer should display a "Password" box. If this doesn't happen and you are told Teamviewer has been unable to connect, confirm the ID of your partner again to ensure it has been entered correctly.

9. Once you have entered the password, you should now have control of the guide user's computer and you are free to support them. To disconnect from their PC at any time, simply close down Teamviewer.

Note: If you connect to the same Guide PC in the future, the Teamviewer ID will be the same, however a new password will have been generated for security purposes.



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